Welcome to Positive Growth

Positive Growth is the home for personal and professional growth. To move forward and test the capabilities of the mind and the body is one of the most freeing experiences. I welcome you to take this journey with me through change after change, mistake after mistake and to share your experiences with me and challenge me along the way.

Positive Growth was developed and started on the premise of a coffee date with friends. It’s about cathing up and laughing and sharing with one another. It’s about building each other up and bringing opportunities to the forefront. Because thats the only way we can aim to grow positively and create positive impacts.

Positive Growth has offcially launched Positive Growth Education which aims to make notes and resources accessible to both teachers and students in PDF formats available soon for purchase in our online store. Workshops, courses and academic assistance programs will be available from June 2020 both online and in person depending on the conditions of the CoVid-19 (coronavirus) Lockdown regulations.


CoVid-19 in South Africa

With the world in turmoil over the spread of the novel CoronaVirus, South Africa has adopted a national isolation protocol designed to protect the population and flatten the curve. South Africa has various information sources with resources regarding CoVid-19 in South Africa such as news and development of the virus in cases.

From my home to yours. Stay Safe.