“We find appreciation in the silence and inspiration in the noise.”

Where any good story begins, new stories take shape. It is in the recollections of moments and experiences that we find the new characters who will eventually shape our lives. These are the people whose moments inspire us and whose hearts share a comfort of life. Its where we laugh, where we cry, where we vent and where we grow.

Researching the anatomy of the perfect blog, it always starts with a self-introductory piece. The story of you. But the problem is the beginning of the story. It starts differently with everyone you meet. Sometimes it starts with the fun parts and other times with the hustle before the triumph. It just depends on the person. The story begins with the reader. It begins with friends. 

Just sitting down, trying to unpack myself got me thinking about you and how I would have met you. It took me back to those coffee dates; the atmosphere, the aroma and most of all the company, everything designed perfectly for making new friends and reminiscing with the old. It took me back to the inspiration, back to where the blog started, catching up with an old friend. The imagined picture of a reader being across me enjoying a warm, strong coffee while I relate the stories of my adventures and escapades, the shared laughter at the ‘oopsies’ of our lives and the comfort of letting out, was an image worth all the sentiment.

But where does it all begin?

I believe it begins in the simplest of ways, by saying hello.


Hey there, Hello… Nice to meet you

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