The Blog

Positive Growth – blog was designed in 2019 on a very specific premise of being niche free and all human. Developed to encompass human nature with all its diversity and adaptibility.

Johannesburg born founder, Aayesha-bebe Mayet wanted to develop something new and used her experiences as inspiration. Aayesha holds a Bachelor of Education degree and is currently pursuing a degree in the sciences. Positive Growth is drawn from her life, a life where anything is possible if you put your mind to it and a life where the human spirit is not contained. Positive Growth was born as a creative outlet for a passionate writer, an amateur cook and baker, a professional educator and an academic.

As women, we are forced to grow because we grow others. It is through our experiences that we are able to teach. We need to be diverse in our minds and in our abilities to facilitate the diversity we are meant to harness and let flourish.